Symposium on Innovation in Surgery 2024

Organizator: European Association of Endoscopic Surgery
Miejsce: Bucharest, Romania
www: idź
Termin: od: 2024-02-22 do: 2024-02-24
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Wyświetleń: 3574

What was known as the EAES Wintermeeting, has now become the Symposium of Innovation in Surgery and the first edition was in Malta.

It is a new format that incorporates educational, hands-on laparoscopic courses and the latest work on innovation by the EAES members.

Several new technology projects were presented, ranging from the mapping of tissue perfusion and leakless trocars, to the implementation of artificial intelligence in surgical training. This was supported by a live transmission of robotic work from local and European hospitals. The Upper and Lower GI laparoscopic courses on cadavers were very successful. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to practice several colonic procedures, from standard right colon surgery to mastering the CME and TME.

A new technique of mastering surgical teamwork in an emergency setting in the form of the escape room game named ”Knight and Knifes” attracted surgeons at all levels of education, from the FY level to the consultant level. It was an amazing project, packed with adrenaline producing surprises.

I am honoured that the SIS had its debut in Malta.

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