3rd Investigator-Initiated Trials Summit

Organizator: Dynamic Global Events (DGE)
Miejsce: , United States
www: idź
Termin: od: 2023-11-08 do: 2024-11-09
Koszt: 1096 - 2096 USD
Program: zobacz
Wyświetleń: 1570

Investigator-Initiated Trials are vital for taking new treatments and therapies from bench to bedside. Leveraging external researchers can bring many creative and cost-effective advantages – but it also raises new challenges.

DGE invites you to attend its 3rd Investigator-Initiated Trials Summit–no other conference goes into as much depth about engaging with investigators, designing and executing the best study protocols, and streamlining product innovation and patient safety.

Join your industry colleagues for this unique learning opportunity and gather the tools and insights you need to ensure a successful, compliant IIT.

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