Witrektomia tylna w oku ze zmianami pozapalno krwotocznymi oraz towarzyszącą hypotonią, 3 lata po utracie widzenia i odstąpieniu od leczenia

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6 lat temu

Opis materiału

This video shows repair surgery, which includes "cleaning" of the anterior chamber and posterior vitrectomy of left eye. May be this is nothing special, but, this patient got an information about finishing of the treatment of the eye because of progressive hypotony concomitant to vitreous haemmorhage. I have decided to do repair surgery. Ultrasonography has shown that the retina is attached and that in anterior part of vitreusous they are probably posthemmorhagic dense lesions. After removing of those lesions I have found small scar in macular region and postinflammatory chcanges in peripheral retina. The surgery has been finished with air-haevy silicon oil endotamponade. One day after surgery visual acuity has improved from light perception to the vision of a few letters from 20 cm. Seven days after patiens have seen 10 letters from 40 cm.

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